Easier, Smarter School Fundraising

K12Rewards gives you fundraising options and offers a more rewarding experience for parents and school supporters.

Schools earn. Families save.

K12Rewards lets you earn money for your school doing your everyday, online shopping. Plus, you get a percentage of your purchase back, too.


The SchoolBuck rewards you earn can be redeemed for cash that is directly deposited into your checking or savings account.

Easy and convenient.

It's easy to set up your free K12Rewards account. Then, you just start at k12rewards.com when you shop and you'll automatically earn rewards for your school and your family when you make a purchase.

Your favorite retailers, all in one place.

Over 600 retailers participate in our program. You'll find all of your online favorites like Target, Home Depot, Kohl's, Macy's, and more. No matter where you like to shop online, starting at K12Rewards is rewarding.

Donations accepted.

With K12Rewards, you also have the option to make a direct donation to your school.

Fundraising that fits your lifestyle.

K12Rewards gives you fundraising options that make it easier to support your school. It's online, it's mobile, it's easy to share, it's rewarding and it's hassle-free. It's not just a fundraiser. It's a fundraising community.

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